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Have you tried not being a mutant?

Have you tried not being a mutant?

So apparently more female celebrity nudes were leaked, and frankly, it’s fucking disgusting. What the hell is wrong with straight men that think it’s ok to not only invade someone’s privacy, but to also spread what they have stolen. It’s honestly disgusting. These women bare enough of themselves emotionally and physically in films, and yet these perverts are demanding more. I don’t want to hear shit like if they didn’t want them to be spread, they shouldn’t have taken them, because it’s bullshit. If a grown adult wants to engage in sexual flirting with their spouse or loved one, it’s not anyone else’s fucking business. I hate that we live in a culture that monetize women’s bodies and women’s sexuality. I hate that we live in a culture that encourages invading someone’s privacy. I hate that we live in a culture that really enjoys sexually exploiting unsuspecting people. I seriously hope that they catch whoever hacked them, and punishes them to the most severe extent of the law.
Teaching a pug to smzie is hard

Teaching a pug to smzie is hard

I only post cute selfies and nudes online so that when/if I get shot down by police, the media has little to pick from to slander my name.
Shit Gets Real

So, if you haven’t downloaded the Facebook messenger app, a word of caution. There’s a semi nifty feature that lets you add phone numbers to the messenger list, ones that you’ve been too chicken shit to delete because you hope that somewhere, a friendship can be rebuilt, that some time will be the right time to be best friends again. It hurts. To see these awesome people that I once called friends still living on with their lives, and how damn narcissistic it sounds/feels to know that their life goes on if you are in it or not. I’ve met a lot of amazing people from this site, and I’m glad that the ones that chose not to stay are still happy but damn do I still wish they were around. I’ve got an amazing boyfriend and a great circle, but sometimes at night, I feel like I’ve got no friends in the world.


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Don’t send nudes





I’m pretty sure this kid’s life was over immediately after this aired.

How did the even film this without dying


Gen1-Gen6 starter Pokemon :)


Megaman Cosplay


Megaman Cosplay


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You know who you are… your love is as sweet as candy

I’ll be forever yours… love always, Mandy.


Ivan Ooze ain’t give no fucks about the Power Rangers. NONE